Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dynamic City Foundation

Dynamic Density - the organic reality behind China's master plan

Neville Mars from the Dynamic City Foundation will give a lecture at Columbia University, NYC on the 6 of October 2008.

Neville is currently in a lecture tour around the world, promoting his new book " THE CHINESE DREAM - a society under construction ", wich i strongly recommande. Its an amazing prospective book about chinese urbanity, questionning paradoxes of China's struggle for change.
More info on Dynamic City Foundation
Those young architects, based in Beijing, are also developing a very good
collaborative research wiki Burb Tv.
Among the dozens of projects showed on this plateforme, Neville Mars and his team have been produced some amazing theorical works. The Beijing Boom Tower seems to me as a manifesto. Not to mention the quality of the production, especialy with this amazing oversized interactive model :

All visuals by DCF / Burb TV

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