Friday, February 22, 2008

Blockbuster for architects

A new docu-blockbuster for architects is out now.
It's call BIRD’S NEST - HERZOG & DE MEURON IN CHINA, Featuring of course Herzog & De Meuron , and more characters like the chinese conceptual artist, curator, architect and journalist Ai WeiWei .

Its a film by Christoph Schaub and Michael Schindhelm, two swiss director.
Among the website, " it's shows how the Chinese culture affects the construction work of the architects: The specific architectonic form and the struggle to achieve it give us information about the society, the culture and everyday life in China. The film explores how these prestige buildings are being built in China. On the one hand, the documentary attempts to understand the two architects’ very own method of contextual building applied successfully again and again. On the other hand, it explores the Chinese side: their intentions, their expectations, and their strategies in this complex creation process.".

looking forward to see it.

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MARKSOR said...

it's gonna be awesome... H & de M rules!

Anonymous said...

oui probablement...