Thursday, January 31, 2008

the amazing art of Sarah Sze

Who remenber "Everything that rises Must coverges" by Sarah Sze in 1999 at Fondation Cartier, Paris ? I have to say i still have a strong souvenir of those arial undefined and precious clouds floating in the middle of Nouvel's space. It's, for me, the best show at Cartier until today. Fragile and strong, luminous and dark.
She is an american artist living and working in New York City.

Sze’s sculptures are flowing structures consisting of a conglomeration of small-scale household items that respond to and infiltrate the surrounding architecture. Like the information flow of the World Wide Web, her compositional language takes form by successively linking small bits of discrete information into a complex network. With an intensity born of a laborious patchwork technique that is at once painterly and sculptural, the interplay between individual components and overall structure allows Sze to explore the boundaries between art and everyday life.
One of my friend ( from fondation Cartier ! ) asked me what sze was working on recently. Checking her website , i was not surprised to find some new amazing pieces.

the art of losins, 2004 , CMCA Kanazawa, Japan

Triple point of water , Whitney, USA , 2003

Second of egress ( Yellow) ,Washington DC, One metro center 2003

Hidden relief, Asia society, NYC, 2001

and more ...

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